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6 Best Applications To Make Vector Picture

4 Best Applications To Make Photos Into Vector

In the world of graphic design, vector pc maker applications are no longer a strange thing. This application is very useful to help someone who works in this field. Especially in this modern era, circulating applications have been increasingly developed and are also continuously updated. The following is a list of the 6 best vector maker applications on PC.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

In the first place there is one product from the Adobe system, guys, called Adobe Photoshop. You know, at first Adobe Photoshop was specifically intended as software for photographers to use to edit photos and manipulate images or objects. Now, Adobe Photoshop has also begun to develop itself and can be used for a wider range of design needs. So, you can make other designs such as banners, typography, logo designs, and many more.

Are you curious about how much money you have to spend on this cool graphic design software?

Adobe has a free 30 day trial plan for you to try before deciding on a product. If you’re really satisfied, you can buy this design software right away. You only need to pay $ 9.99 US per month for this basic plan. This cost is nothing compared to the benefits you get from this PC design software. You are spoiled with a complete design tool, an integrated stock library and unlimited skills. The name is also Photoshop, there must be drawbacks. Especially if you are new to using it, you will be confused. Yaps, a complete and complete appearance can make it a bit difficult for you to adjust. Besides that, Photoshop also cannot create vector files.

Pros of Adobe Photoshop

  • Lots of options for the Photo Correction and Manipulation Tool
  • Tools for mobile and web design
  • Have a toolset that is complete enough to draw or create typographic works
  • Can be used to make 3D designs

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

  • The price for buying the premium version is expensive
  • The interface sometimes looks too complicated, especially for beginners.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Get into the next graphic design software! Yaps, this software is the brother of Adobe Photoshop, namely Adobe Illustrator. You can try Adobe Illustrator as an option, especially for those of you who want to seriously pursue the world of graphic design. This software is suitable for creating vectors such as typography, sketches or even more complex things like videos. In addition, Adobe Illustrator is also equipped with several plugins that are really useful for making web pages or landing pages that are more attractive. In the latest version, Adobe is equipped with the Creative Cloud feature. This means that you can use this graphic design software on Windows or Mac. In addition, the advantages you get in Adobe Illustrator are the Touch-Type and Free Transform features which will make your design results cooler.

Pros of Adobe Illistrator

  • Very satisfying vector quality
  • Many improvements to its features
  • Amazing Free Transform Tools
  • Cool Touch-Type feature

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

  • The price for buying the premium version is expensive
  • Key commands are not the same as InDesign and Photoshop

3. CorelDraw – Vector Graphic Design Software

It’s incomplete if you haven’t included one of Adobe’s rivals in the list of the top 5 best graphic design software. Who else but CorelDraw. Today, CorelDraw is the vector design software chosen by most graphic designers. This is because CorelDraw has many cool functions that are also equipped with conveniences that other software doesn’t have. CorelDraw has several tools such as Twirl, Repel, Smear and Attract which can make it easier for you to edit vector objects. Guidelines such as alignment make it easier for you to position your objects the way you want. Apart from the tools I mentioned above, in CorelDraw you also have full control in making your designs complete faster and more dynamically.

If you are currently using CorelDraw version X5 and above, then you can be sure that your CorelDraw is equipped with the inbuild organizer feature, also known as Corel CONNECT. For those of you who are worried that this software will not run smoothly on your PC, from now on you don’t need to worry anymore. This CorelDraw software can work smoothly even for large files in Corel Photo-Paint. So what are you waiting for, for you graphic design enthusiast, this software is absolutely mandatory for you to install on your PC.

Pros of CorelDraw

  • Features that can be applied at a professional level
  • Optimally adjustable interface
  • Equipped with unique features

Lack of CorelDraw

  • Can only be installed on the Windows Operating System

4. GIMP Free Graphic Design Software!

For those of you who are just learning graphic design, GIMP is the right software for you. Besides being easy to use, Gimp is also one of the best software that is equipped with very complete features. Maybe for some people, GIMP is an alternative software for Photoshop. Apart from being free of charge, the GIMP software is also open source software that allows anyone to develop the software.

The most important advantage that the GIMP software has is its bright and modern appearance. This advantage makes this Gimp characteristic suitable for young designers. With very clear graphic quality, GIMP provides graphic design results that are no less quality than other free and paid software.

GIMP’s strengths

  • Can be used on PC with low specifications
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Free and easy to download
  • Can support Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems

Disadvantages of GIMP

  • Only supports 8 bits per channel
  • Only a few plug-ins are available
  • Relatively few effects or filters are offered

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is software designed for a professional designer to use. But even so, for you freebudies you don’t need to be afraid, you can still use this software to design vectors, sketches, or design illustrations easily. You can use Inkscape software to create vector and graphic designs using the SVG format. In fact, you can install this software on Windows Operating System, Linux OS, or Mac.

Other advantages that Inkscape offers include a simple interface. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or someone who is just learning graphic design, you can still use this software easily. In addition, Inkscape which is an open source software is still developing this software.

Pros of Inkscape

  • Quality document files
  • Automatic backups if the software suddenly doesn’t respond
  • Can be downloaded for free
  • Available in portable version

Disadvantages of Inkscape

  • The file size can be larger
  • Cannot edit bitmaps

6. Adobe InDesign

Coming back to software from Adobe, Adobe InDesign is another product from Adobe System that is perfect for you! You can create design works such as posters, brochures, flyers, books, magazines and much more. In this graphic design software, you can feature export files to SWF and EPUB formats. The export file feature to SWF and EPUB formats makes it easy for you to create E-Books and other digital publications. Apart from that, InDesign also supports XML, style sheets, and other types of mark up coding.

Pros of InDesign

  • Can make PMD files
  • Equipped with a table creation feature
  • Can import files with various formats such as pdf, ai, psd, jpg, doc, docx and so on.
  • There are the same effect facilities as in Photoshop such as bevel, shadow, glow and many more

Drawbacks of InDesign

  • When using jusify attributes such as right and left alignment results in
  • unbalanced spacing between words.
  • It is relatively difficult to perform transfers using Math Type.
  • Can only be used for making magazines, books. So, when you want to create a more detailed design, Adobe InDesign doesn’t have enough tools.

There are lots of graphic design software that you can use to create cool and exclusive works. Besides that, each of these software has different features from the others.

In fact, each of these design software also has a different output and focus. So, depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable software.

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