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VectorSection is an open source vector graphics converter and storage mechanism. It is a toolset for manipulating data from 2D and 3D CAD and graphics formats via common intermediate data schemas.

VectorSection is being built in stages. The goal is to be able to convert between and access most vector graphic file formats such as dxf, dwg, dgn, svg, pdf, ps, jpg, png, ogr, ifc.


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Vector Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator Draw

Vector Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator Draw

As time goes by, the more sophisticated the technology available. In short, now everything can be done digitally! Including drawing. There are many graphic design applications or digital drawing, you know! One of them is Adobe Illustrator Draw.

If you are a Graphic Designer, of course you are already familiar with Adobe Illustrator Draw which will be discussed this time. This application can not only be enjoyed by those of you who are experts in the field of Graphic Design, but it is also very suitable as a learning tool for you for beginners in the field.

To have Adobe Illustrator Draw is also quite easy, you know!

To have Adobe Illustrator Draw is also quite easy

You can download it for free on the Play Store or through the App Store. Because its size is not too large, this application is also very suitable for use by those of you with high mobility, or for those of you who want to travel but still be productive.

In this article, you can try vectors through Adobe Illustrator Draw, especially for those of you who are new to the world of graphic design. Well, it doesn’t hurt for you to try it! To create a vector illustration digitally, there are several steps you can take, guys, including:

The first step

The first and most important step in creating a vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator Draw is a photo. Yes, make sure you already have a photo to make it into a vector later, guys.

There’s also a way to include photos! For example, you can choose in various ways including first, simply by dragging the photo to Adobe Illustrator Draw, or the second way by opening the file menu then selecting open and then selecting a photo.

Well, the last way to insert a photo into Adobe Illustrator Draw is by right-clicking on the photo, then proceeding to click open with Adobe Illustrator.

Second Step

from this second step, you can work in Adobe Illustrator, through the various tools that have been provided. Among them is the Pen tool which is quite easy to use just by pressing the letter P on the keyboard and visit our site on https://www.playtechslot.club/.

After that you can continue by making the line art of the image such as part of the edge of the image, the eye line, followed by the nose line, and ending with the hair.

This step is needed to clarify the design or pattern before actually proceeding to the next stage (filling or coloring).

Third step

If you have completed the line art stage, you can continue by giving the base color, or filling in color. This stage is also known as the coloring stage.

A tip so that the image design you produce is neat, make sure you separate the fill and line art layers to make it easier and more even in coloring.

For the choice of skin color and mouth, you can also search for various references on Google by searching the keyword skin palette.

Fourth Step

You guys are done and are in the last stage of vector creation, guys! In this fourth step, you can start adding a little color gradation or shadow to the basic fill so that the image design looks more alive, and the colors are more stunning.

In this color gradation, usually 2 or 3 or more color levels can be used to make it more interesting! Of course you can mix and match these colors as you wish.

Fifth Step

It’s a wrap, guys! This finishing stage is the stage where you can directly export the results of your drawing designs and the Adobe Illustrator Draw project is complete!

You can immediately practice these 5 basic steps while continuing to hone your knowledge. Besides, after trying it, it turns out that making vector designs in Adobe Illustrator Draw is not as complicated as it seems, right? Good luck!