Using VectorSection

VectorSection is intended to support a wide range of 2D and 3D graphic formats. Here are some of the ways in which VectorSection might be helpful for you.

The system is still under development, but some components are available to use. See the Download Page if you're ready to get your hands into the code. Or contact me or the mailing list with questions.

CAD user

You might want to convert between file formats which aren't supported by your CAD application's import/export. For example, you have a drawing of a new product which needs to be in .svg format for upcoming print advertisements. With VectorSection you can set up an automated process to keep all your data up to date instead of needing to save it out to multiple formats everytime the design changes.


You might need to create specialized tools to n-up a part onto a tooling layout, or translate from geometry to input on a machine controller. Or simply create a .dxf file from some other format. With VectorSection, any of Engineering's files can be the .dxf files you need.


Maybe you need to extract data from CAD files to do takeoffs, or setup input for analysis by another program or spreadsheet. Currently this process is typically manual. It involves a combination of several tools, or it has limitations in how the data can be transformed. Or vendor dependence which ties you to a particular platform. With VectorSection you can get at all kinds of data from all kinds of different ways. With more options to access the data, you can deal with challenges beyond what anybody else has imagined.


Looking to automate previews so clients could check on the latest versions of a layout? VectorSection can help with that, too. There is currently limited support for svg, pdf, and xar conversion and a good start on support for the postscript graphics model.

All material Copyright © 2005-2008 Eric L. Wilhelm.