Open Tasks

These are the major wishlist items for development and code-level contributions. If you want to help with the website, write a howto, or send huge bags of money, (all great ways to help) please contact me directly. If you see a task on this list that you would like to tackle, read the FAQ, check out the code and then let us know what you're planning to work on. You don't need permission, but you might be duplicating work -- there exists the possibility that this page has gotten out-of-sync, so it never hurts to ask.

  1. Rhizopod to Chromista Bridge
  2. Cross-platform Binary Unpacks.
  3. AISC Solids
  4. ERSI Shapefile Support
  5. Blender or VRML
  6. PostScript Connector
  7. PDF Connector
  8. Your Choice of Connector
  9. Documentation, Architectural Diagrams
  10. Hub Specification Review, Documentation
  11. Internationalization
  12. Status Messages for Plugin Usage

task:  Rhizopod to Chromista Bridge

This may or may not be started soon. There are supposedly some tricky mathematical bits in the general case spline to path (rzp2crs) conversion (e.g. bezier path is a special case of spline.) This could probably be ignored at first, since a lot of utility would come from getting circles, lines, arcs, etc into chromista (see rzp2svg python code by Chris S.)

task:  Cross-platform Binary Unpacks.

Currently only needed for XAR format. Maybe required for DWG (need to look at Art's dwg library.)

task:  AISC Solids

This is a tough nut to crack. AISC is a proprietary format embedded in DXF and DWG. The vendor will not publish a spec or otherwise offer any sort of support.

task:  ERSI Shapefile Support

Likely connected to Rhizopod hub, talk to Chris.

task:  Blender or VRML

This would probably require breaking new ground on the hub design and a bridge to rhizopod. Rhizopod does encompass 3D faces though, so it wouldn't hurt to make a first effort in the context of that hub.

task:  PostScript Connector

A lot of thought has gone into making Chromista compatible with PostScript, but running code to prove this and inform the hub design would be great.

task:  PDF Connector

Maybe slightly easier than postscript.

task:  Your Choice of Connector

Any new connector is usefel regardless of whether it has a huge demand or a very narrow niche user base. If you can make it talk to an existing hub, it's a useful addition.

task:  Documentation, Architectural Diagrams

It would really help to have a new developer ask some questions, hack on the documentation, draw some pictures, etc. This in itself is a very big project, but any amount of progress would be great. The ideal state of VectorSection is to have new authors contributing connectors at a blistering pace -- accessibility of the concepts is key.

task:  Hub Specification Review, Documentation

Documentations of existing hubs would be good. Validators and declarative specifications would be excellent.

task:  Internationalization

Translations of help messages, warnings, errors, etc. will eventually be needed. We also need a good structure for handling this in multiple programming languages.

task:  Status Messages for Plugin Usage

Create hooks and standard routines throughout various connectors (or "good enough" approximation routines in vx frontend) to report percent-complete and other data on STDERR. This gives programs using us as import/export routines the ability to have status bars, etc.

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