What is it?

VectorSection is an open source vector graphics converter and storage mechanism. It is a toolset for manipulating data from 2D and 3D CAD and graphics formats via common intermediate data schemas.

VectorSection is being built in stages. The goal is to be able to convert between and access most vector graphic file formats such as dxf, dwg, dgn, svg, pdf, ps, jpg, png, ogr, ifc.


Professional training, support, and customization is available through Scratch Computing and several other companies worldwide. Please contact me for details.

Tips Vector Business Has A Lot Of Orders

Tips Your Vector Business Has A Lot Of Orders

Now graphic design has become one of the most popular things for many people, and many “Vector Builders” (People who make Vector / Vector Services) make this a pretty promising business field.

One of the reasons is that now most people are bored with their memorable photos when printed, because they are only snapshots. So that nothing is too special and interesting. So this is an opportunity for vector builders to show off their teeth and offer them to make their memorable photos even more special and memorable.

So if you are one of the vector builders or want to become a vector builder who is still confused about how to market it. Next, I describe how I market vector services so that every day there are flooded orders.

1. Turn off your skills first

Making your ability to create vectors is the main key so that customers are interested in your services. If you are still learning to create vectors or are a beginner for 1 month / 2 months, I suggest that you don’t open services first. Please hone your skills first.

In my experience, now opening vector services, it takes approximately 2 years of learning. So it has my own vector style and enough results to satisfy the customer.

2. Has its own style

In order to make customers more interested, then you must have your own style. Or in other words, don’t imitate other people’s styles. In my experience, I have received orders from my customers and I purposely try to use other people’s styles (imitate). With this I created a different vector style to the style I used in the vector I used for promotion.

As a result, customer complained. Want a full revision. Maybe this customer also wonders why the results of his orders are different from the samples that were promoted. So my advice is to make your own style and don’t imitate other people’s styles. Because we as vector builders must have something special and different from other vector builders.

3. Create a special Instagram account for sales

Instagram account

After you have the two things above, you can immediately step on the gas and open vector services on Instagram. Because there are more people we can reach on Instagram than from other social media (in my opinion and according to experience).
Therefore, please prepare at least 10 vectors of your own results and of course the ones that you think are good. Create an istagram account with the name and id you want. Can be personal or public.

Then upload all the vectors and give a simple caption that makes customers interested. And don’t forget to havehtag it so that it reaches many people.

4. Make an elegant IG display

After all the posts are uploaded, then make your IG account look elegant and professional. So you can add highlights “How to Order”, “Testimonials”, “price list”, and others. Apart from the highlight, to make it even more elegant you can make your own vector background and all your vectors use your own background.

5. Post Paid Promote ads on well-known IG accounts

Paid Promote

If your IG account is still quiet and no customer has ordered. You can advertise on well-known IG accounts. At least with an account that has followers of 50 thousand and above. This is so that more people can be reached. In addition, you also get followers who are quite the result of being paid for the promotion. With an average cost of using 30 thousand and above, the results are also quite good.

6. Post an ad on Instagram

If you want more reach, then you can do this by placing an ad on Instagram. Behind that, you can get a flood of good orders and additional followers.

7. Open reseller

Open reseller

Now this is one of my mainstay tricks. Apart from being beneficial for ourselves, for others it is also very profitable. The reseller here is the person who becomes your partner who promotes your vector services again, or can also be called an intermediary between you and the customer.

Generally, people who are interested in becoming vector resellers are people who have their own business, such as selling custom smartphone cases.

But usually so that someone from https://www.thekorarecords.com/ wants to become your reseller, then you have to be willing to cut a little price from the vector you specify. However, this really depends on the person who will become a reseller.

If you still don’t get an order, that means you have to add vector samples that are more attractive to customers. By making vector examples with faces of famous artists. And also make connections with fellow vector engineers such as collaborators and others.
If you are consistent with your business, it is not impossible that you can get more income than a civil servant (God willing).

Let’s continue to be creative and make our hobbies a business field that makes us successful people. Hopefully this is useful, and keep learning!