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VectorSection is an open source vector graphics converter and storage mechanism. It is a toolset for manipulating data from 2D and 3D CAD and graphics formats via common intermediate data schemas.

VectorSection is being built in stages. The goal is to be able to convert between and access most vector graphic file formats such as dxf, dwg, dgn, svg, pdf, ps, jpg, png, ogr, ifc.


Professional training, support, and customization is available through Scratch Computing and several other companies worldwide. Please contact me for details.

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5 Places To Download Free Vector Images

5 Places To Download Free Vector Images

Where can you find fun free vector images? These 5 vector sites may have just what you need …

They can be used in your user interface, to make it even more attractive. You can use it on the landing page to provide fresh air.

They are easy to put on products and merchandise.

In honor of simple vector graphics, Vectorsection has created a handy list of our 5 favorite free vector image sites.

If you are looking for more than 5 of these websites than you can see the list at the following link .

Here you’ll find a little bit of everything so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet again for the vector image you want. Everything is in here. Let’s go.



Katerina Limpitsouni has created a stunning, customizable library of MIT licensed illustrations. They are free and don’t need attribution either.

The illustrations are whimsical and fun as well as SVG – scalable to any size without losing any quality.

These free vector images touch on every topic imaginable, from SVGs representing online payments and personal data, to football and heavy lifting. Eclectic to say the least!

You can even take advantage of the color image generator he provides on the site. You can completely change the main color scheme to match your brand identity.



Freepik offers over 800,000 free vector illustrations. There is everything to choose from. You need animals? How about a silhouette? You’ll find it on Freepik.

You can download files in a variety of formats: AI, SVG, or EPS.

The best thing about Freepik free vector images? You don’t need to provide any attribution. You just need to create an account, then start downloading illustrations and icons, saving favorites to your account.



Pixabay is another image search engine with tons of free vectors up for grabs. Pixabay also collects images from other free websites, making the collection even bigger.

You’ll find a wide variety of free vector images, from cartoon images to object illustrations and icons to website button designs.

All of this is made available thanks to a creative community that regularly contributes their vector designs, all of which are copyright free – even for commercial use.



Vector Stock is home to over 50,000 free vector images. You can sort them by recent uploads or by trending vectors. Like other sites, the formats include: AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG. All free, all yours. However, vectors are for personal use only, which is a bit of a limitation for freelance designers.

You will need to provide attribution if you are going to use the free vector images you find on this site.

A nice touch to the information architecture on this site is the fact that with each vector displayed on the homepage, you can click “similar view” to see more of that. You can see vampires and then immediately search for more under halloween themes.



If you want to access more than a million vector icons then Flaticon is your best choice. It has collections grouped into packages, for easy browsing, or you can choose to see this month’s best packages.

There’s a whole lot of icons: strategy and management, friendship, ecommerce, marketing, and SEO… you name it, Flaticon gets it.

In fact, it even claims to be the largest free icon database on the web!\

If you are a creator find out Place Where To Sell Your Arts Vector.

How To Create a vector in Photoshop

How To Create a vector in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a software that is familiar with the image it does for editing. When we learn more about Photoshop, it turns out that we can also create vector designs by tracing images.

In creating vector designs in Photoshop, we are presented with various tools that are in the toolbar. With standard Photoshop tools, we can create designs by manipulating various objects that have been provided.

How to Trace Images to Create Vectors?
If we want to create a vector by tracing from an image, we can use the Pen Tool, Pen Tool Freeform, Curvature Pen Tool, Add Anchor Point Tool, Delete Anchor Point Tool, Convert Point Tool.

We can use the Pen Tool to draw very precise paths according to the pattern that we are going to trace.

The free-form Pen Tool can be used to draw a path that will match the movement of our mouse.

We can use the Curvature Pen Tool to draw a path by selecting the location of the anchor points and then Photoshop will automatically draw the curved lines.

We can use the Add Anchor Point to add an anchor point to the path that we have used before.

Delete Anchor Points. We can use to delete anchor points on the path that we created earlier. Visit our best recomended site on http://wmcasino.info/, that site is the best gambling casino online site and you can get also idea of photoshop on that site.

Convert Point Tool can be used to convert anchor points to corner points and can convert corner points to smooth points.

The tool above is a part that has an important role in making vector designs by tracing an image.

Steps to Trace the Image
To create a vector from an image, there are several things that we need to respond to. Next, we will try to trace an image and then transform it into a vector form so that we can edit it according to our wishes.

Insert the Image and Start Drawing the Path
Insert the image that we will trace to create a vector by copying and pasting it on the worksheet. We can also insert an image by dragging the image file and then dropping it on the worksheet.

We can start drawing using the Pen Tool, Freeform Pen Tool or the Curvature Pen Tool. In this article we will try to create a path using the Pen Tool.

Select the Pen Tool to start drawing the path by clicking on the part of the image that we will trace to create a vector. Don’t be too pushy to choose anchor points, if not possible, we better place the anchor points at the corners.

Tidy up the anchor points

Tidy up the anchor points

After we use the Pen Tool to create a path, there will definitely be some anchor points that don’t match the image we are tracing. We can use the Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point or Convert Point Tool.

Use zoom so that we can clearly see the outline of the image to tidy up the path in more detail. Make sure we tidy up the paths that we will turn into vectors. Try to follow the path line that we trace.

Convert Path To Vector

Convert Path To Vector
After finishing making the path using the Pen Tool and the Anchor Point, it matches the image that we traced, so now is the time for us to convert it into a vector.

We will convert it to a vector by going to the Paths menu in Photoshop. To call the Paths menu by clicking Windows> Patchs. We will see the paths screen at the bottom right of the work screen.

After the Patchs menu opens, we will see the pattern that we previously created with the Pen Tool. Then select the Rectangle Tool, change the Shape option to Path (left circle) and immediately click the Shape option (right circle) as shown below.

After we click on the shape menu, the path we created will automatically become a new vector object.

After the path becomes a new vector, we can make edits according to what we want. Repeat the above steps on other parts of the image to get a complete image.

Those were the steps for creating vectors by tracing images in Photoshop. Hopefully this is useful and keep working.

The Importance Of Resolution When You Convert To Vector

The Importance Of Resolution When You Convert To Vector

In order to work on a raster image using any CAD program, it is important to first convert raster to vector. Only after you convert raster to vector image, you will be able to make any changes and alter the raster drawing. However, not all raster images can be converted into perfect vector images because of resolution related issues. The resolution is the term used to refer to the total number of pixels present per inch in the raster files. The “dots per inch”, commonly known as dpi, refers to the resolution of the image. For example, if the image has 400 pixels per inch, the resolution is said to be 400 dpi.

When you convert raster to vector, the resolution of the raster image plays a very important role since the definition of the shape in the scanned image is dependent on it. The higher the resolution of the raster image, more defined the shape is when you convert to vector. In a high resolution image, the pixel size is smaller since the number of pixels per inch is more. This translates into smoother curves when scanned. If the raster pic is of a lower resolution, the shape gets distorted when you convert raster to vector. In order to convert to vector, you have to first increase the resolution of the raster image.

Is it possible to increase the resolution after vectorization?

You have to choose the right resolution before you convert raster to vector. Once the scan is complete, it is not possible to increase the resolution. Increasing the resolution of the scanned vector image will only lead to the type of results generated by Photoshop. The only solution in such situations is to start the process all over again using higher resolution for smoother lines and curves.

Perfect Resolution For Convert Raster To Vector

The “right” resolution is very subjective in nature and is dependent on raster file that you would like to convert to vector. many of the joker123 gambling websites use vector images rather than raster. If the raster image has a lot of intricate details that need to be replicated to perfection in the vector image, you have to ensure the resolution is high. Most people prefer a resolution in the range of 200dpi to 500 dpi to convert technical raster images to vector. However, if you want to convert logos and other intricate artwork to vector images, you have to ensure a resolution in the range of 700dpi to 1250dpi and more. If you want to make sure you have the right resolution after you convert to vector, zoom in on the vector image to see if the lines and curves are well defined. If the curves and lines are as close to the raster image as possible and are comfortable for you to work on, you have chosen the right resolution.

Nowadays vector graphics are becoming more and more popular. Designers use them for logotypes, posters and web templates. As a result, lots of free vector galleries have been established during the past few years. Illustrators share their vector art in these galleries and get backlinks to their sites. How this can be beneficial? Why is it worthwhile to share vectors for free? There are lots of reasons and I’m going to discuss some of them.

  • Most of galleries of free vectors are popular and gets lots of visitors. Some of them get about 500 thousand visitors a month. Submitting your vector art to galleries, that are this popular, would definitely bring several hundred visitors to your website.
  • Some of vector galleries have a high Google page rank. When somebody adds link to your website, Google gives you some credit and positions your website higher in their search results. The higher page rank of a linking site is, the more credit you get. So, submitting your vectors to free galleries is an easy way to get quality backlinks and be positioned high in major search engines.
  • You can choose an anchor text for links to your website. Once you submit vector art to free vector galleries, you can specify a name of your website. It would be a good idea to choose keywords, that you are trying to rank high for in search engines as your website name. In this way, your website will get a decent boost in search engine rankings and eventually, more and more people will find it through Google, yahoo and other search systems.
  • You might get a donation. Some vector galleries let you specify your paypal email in their submission form. This means that people, who like your vector might thank you by donating some money to your PayPal account. Thus, sharing vectors might be a good way to earn some money.

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Place Where To Sell Your Arts Vector

Place Where To Sell Your Arts VectorAs a designer, particularly those involved in visual design or illustration, sometimes in your mind after many art vector or vector artwork that you have done, where to sell online your vector art. Either you start thinking about slowing down customer service is hard, or just to satisfy your passion in artistic creation more vectors, you can start thinking about selling art vector and a high share digital investigations of organizations offer the best deal for you to sell your work. In general, they are called micro stock agencies and we list down some of the most popular sites among designers and buyers.

Where to sell your Arts Vector?

Place Sell Vector Art

A. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock was among the youngest “Photo suppliers,” since 2015, we can find out there. Indeed, Adobe needs to complete their Creative Cloud provides a digital inventory, and they earn Fotolia, one of the most popular stock photo. Adobe Stock photography provides a creative asset, video, vector and more for creative users searching for digital assets on their work.

B. Graphic Rivière

Graphic river is one of the most popular action and rich digital content creation or class of assets owned by Envato, a company based in Australia. It is also one of the most sought after by creative users simply because they offer a variety of subcategories, fonts, logos, icons, vector, templates, presets, web elements, 3D models, and more.

C. Creative Market

Another 5 star rating handmade digital assets produced by creative designers worldwide. A designer millionaire from South Africa are born with creative market shop he used to sell his graphic fabric.

D. Shutterstock

Famous Shutterstock stock photos, stock charts, video clips and they also provide a stock vector as well. They claim to cover nearly 200 million royalty-free images, video clips and music tracks. In addition, they are also a large number of vector to vector graphics users .. and request that Shutterstock the best choice for designers or artists to submit is that they provide full contributors support, forums, guides, etc.

E. Pond5

Pond5 provide not only images, but they also offer a rich multimedia free category of rights, including video images, music, sound effects, modeled after effects, vector, Photoshop (PSD) and 3D models as well. Check it out and see it in your favorite categories.

F. 123RF

123RF has an impressive 97 million images, vectors, video and audio clips, and they claim to offer lower prices for users to get their share. “RF” simply means free of rights. With a large number chart, they also attract millions of buyers. It will be another good institution to sell your stock vectors.

G. Freepik Contributor

A well-known source of free graphics vector graphics that can be downloaded (credit) and share premium. Find out how to join the premium sales charts operator contributors like Freepik.

H. Vector

Vector as their name, a site dedicated for vector graphics, designed for vector artists, designers and those seeking royalty free vector. Thus, the vector artist, illustrator, this is the place you need to try to sell your vector art ..

I. Dreamstime

Dreamstime claims to have 74 million images, vector graphics, and photographs. With an impressive number of titles is quite graphic, they are one of the popular action-free graphics look right. Trying to sell your vector art with them ..

J. iStockphoto

iStockphoto is another ig name in the industry, which is owned by Getty Images, so we will see more photos share resources, but they still have a vector source in the Illustrations category. You do not want to miss this name in the list ..

That’s the all place you can use to sell your vector art.

Vector Art Is Really For Image Editing ?

Vector Art Is Really For Image Editing

Edit photos and senior graphics that have evolved a lot and still meet new requirements. At the beginning of its discovery, the work created waves, because it was the most effective way to collect and interpret human and translated natural objects. Digital jumping into graphic images is very important to open new avenues.

Two forms of bitmap images and digital vector images continue to be developed to meet people’s satisfaction. It is often said that senior vectors are superior technical support and more complex editing images. But on agreement, two forms of digital images have special benefits and support a variety of applications. And the facts about each bitmap image can easily become vectors and return easily for artists to use the same simple way.

Happy reading research vector senior art background.

What Is Vector Art?

What Is Vector Art

We know what mathematical agreement or order is used to create digital vector images. Related controls and mathematics used to place shapes and lines in 2D or 3D space. Country vector is stored in the order form. Images saved in this format can be easily taken and manipulated. edit or lend math code. They prefer bitmaps as in this case, the file size is much smaller.

Vector Image And Its Implications

bitmap images, which are suitable for natural objects such as special vector images used for abstract objects. Vector images can be easily activated without affecting data quality. Therefore, abstract objects such as cards, logos, need manipulation, can be adjusted easily in vector format. Resizing is easier. There is no loss of quality. But there is a limit to the number of vehicles that can be resized. If it determines in the process of repeated scale redundant scale images, then there will be a potential loss of quality. When used vectors seniors must be careful because small errors in the image may be issued after the image is enlarged. At the same time, the line cannot be seen in the vector image greatly decreases.

Vector Art Application Support

There are applications that support vectors. But the editor remains the choice to be used depends on factors such as available platforms and user functionality. The choice also depends on whether you will use it for technical or artistic use purposes. Some common applications that support Corel Draw vector and Adobe Illustrator.

File Format Used By Vector

Make it greatly improved and easy to repair. However, compared to the bitmap image file format options in the case of Vector image storage is limited. The two file formats most often used for this reason are EPS and PDF.

What Actually Vector Artwork is?

What Actually Vector Artwork is?

Are you trying to style a product for your company sort of a reputation badge or business card? is that the seller you’re ordering from asking you for your artwork during a “vector format”? If you’re not a graphic designer, you’d possibly not know exactly what the means. Here could also be a touch information which can assist you out.

At first you’ll not even be able to tell the difference between a vector and a flat bitmap image, aside from the file type. The file extension for a typical bitmap image would be something kind of a jpg, tiff, giff, or a bmp. A vector image will have a file extension of something like eps, ai, or cdr.

These file types are created in programs like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and you’d need one of these programs to seem at this type of artwork on your computer. When using one of these programs to seem at a vector image, you’ll easily tell the difference between it and a typical bitmap or jpg image.

When opening a jpg image within the professional art program like those mentioned above, you will see that the edges of the artwork are jagged and thus the outlines are actually made up of squares. during knowledgeable art program, the outlines of a vector object are curved and smooth, with none of these squares.

This is why one might ask vector art as being “converted to curves” or “converted to outlines”. The advantage of getting the graceful curved lines and descriptions is that vector objects are scalable and maintain their proportions and high quality when sized up or right right down to position them on name badge or card templates for printing. Another advantage of vector art is that the colors are often adjusted so as that they perfectly match the Pantone colors utilized in your corporate logo.

Aside from being more precise, a vector object is additionally not a flat image. A bitmap is however a flat image and can’t be changed or manipulated in any way. If your logo features a white square within the background as most flat images do, the brand is stuck thereto and thus the white cannot be taken out or made transparent to means a background color.

What Actually Vector Artwork is?

Image Source : depoxito.com

For example, if your name badges or business cards will have a black background and you will be placing your oval logo within the highest right corner, any areas of the brand that are imagined to be “transparent” or the white square around the oval logo will actually show up white on the black background when employing a jpg image. So your black badges or business cards will then have a white square within the corner, rather than just having your oval-shaped logo printed in your company colors on the black background.

Having the layered vector artwork allows any of the varied parts or segments of a logo to be changed. you’ll change the size or thickness of lines, also as adjust the colors and even remove unwanted bits of the brand just like the encompassing white square. Parts of the brand can also be made transparent so as that any colors within the background can show through also .

A question that’s very commonly asked about vector artwork is, “Can I just drag a jpg I even have already got into a program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and reserve it as an eps file?”. the answer is certainly NO. Saving a bitmap inside a file type like an eps or ai won’t turn it into a layered vector file.

It’ll only embed the bitmap within the file. Some professional programs have a function to trace bitmap images into vector images, but even still this may be a difficult process without the proper knowledge on the thanks to navigate these kinds of programs and art files. additionally , purchasing these kinds of art programs if you are doing not have already got them are often quite expensive.

One of your options for getting your bitmap into a vector file if your company doesn’t have its own design team is to possess it professionally converted by a graphic designer. There actually will probably be alittle fee for re-creating your logo, but the benefit is that when created, the brand is yours to remain .

You’d possibly run into different printing or business branding scenarios that you simply simply will need vector artwork for within the longer term any way, so spending the extra money up front to form a high quality logo might be well well worth the investment within the top of the day .

Additionally, since you’ll not have the professional art program to seem at the new logo, you will always ask the graphic designer to export the vector file to either a jpg or pdf format that you simply simply can easily view on any computer.

This re-creation service is extremely often offered by the vendor designing your name badges or business cards and would presumably be more cost effective than employing a graphic design company or buying the artwork program and taking the time to seek out out and make the brand yourself.

If you’ve any questions, ready to you will always contact your vendor for more information which they’re getting to be able to direct you on exactly what kind of vector artwork you will need and therefore the thanks to catch on .

Difference Vector Art With Other

Difference Vector Art With Other

 What is Vector? Vector is an image formed from a number of lines and curves. The image quality is still good even though it is enlarged, because this vector type image does not consist of dots. Examples of these images are text and logos.
Software that is often used to process this type of vector image is CorelDRAW, Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
Monitors will usually display images in pixels, so all vector and bitmap images will be displayed in pixels. This image contains mathematical elements such as direction, angle size, thickness, color, and so forth.
in its application, although the size of the vector or zoom in any size will not break / blur (image details on the pixels enlarged) resolution, different from the bitmap.
Difference Vector with others
– Vector: The image remains clear when enlarged while the bitmap image file is less clear when enlarged
– Vector is composed of lines and curves, path consists of lines (line segment) and several points (nodes) or called anchor points, while bitmap files consist of dots (pixels), various colors, pixels scattered in grid patterns
– Vector color gradations must be analyzed first by graphic designers, now that bitmap color gradations are more flexible and real (real)
– Vector The graphic quality does not depend on the number of pixels, for bitmaps the quality of graphics depends on the number of pixels
– Vector is composed by geometric objects that are made based on mathematical calculations (such is the focus, whereas for bitmaps it is always composed by objects called pixels
– Vector is resolution independent while bitmap is dependent or influenced by resolution
– vector file storage size is relatively small minus the size of a large bitmap file
– For vector programs used are Coreldraw, Adobe illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, while the bitmap software used is Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, MS. Paint

Difference Vector Art With OtherVector works are very interested in various circles, usually for birthday gifts, displays, anniv gifts etc. Because the manufacturing process is complicated and requires special skills, not many people master this technique, and the price is quite expensive on the market, starting from 50 thousand to 100 thousand.
But don’t worry !! We at MG Design provide this very cheap vector art manufacturing service !! but even though it is cheap, quality always comes first, because MG Design always prioritizes customer satisfaction.
Maybe today there are so many practical applications that can make works like this. but still, the law of nature continues to apply “HOW TO MANUAL IS ALWAYS BETTER” YES … TRUE, the manual method is always better in various aspects. we will bet with the application. which results are more QUALITY, UNIQUE and INTERESTING. The results of our work or automatic work from the application. We design according to the theme of the customer, not like an automatic application that’s all that’s it. We make designs with precision and creativity. It is appropriate that creativity is appreciated with appreciation? if in Indonesia there are no creative people, WHAT IS IT?

That’s the information about difference or vector art with other. 

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Vector Art Techinque

Vector Art Techinque

Vector art is a technique, which means art is made with a vector-based program. Vector art basically wears spots, lines, and curves. Vector programs record the kinship between these elements. This allows the image to vary with the scale without any quality loss or pixelating. In comparison, their quality loss pixels are raised above 100% of their size.

The popular vector programs are Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, and Flash. Almost all that is made with this program is considered a vector work. I say “almost ” because there is an exception for each regulation. If your vector work combines vector images with raster images, I’m worried this is no longer a vectorial work (and the result doesn’t belong to the vector gallery).

As a workaround: To complete your vectorial profession, you are empowered the effort that your work is missing something, and you put it in Photoshop to give it a small texture, trying to deal with it more. On the Diala it is no longer a vector work, and you should upload it to the “computerization Arts > mixed Media “. With the same system, when you take the raster texture and place it in Illustrator by applying a layer style, it also won’t be a vector piece.

As this texture cannot be increased by more than 100%, it is technically play judi slot a vector that does not have a technical effect after the raster image is in the Absah size. Never be defenseless that you can’t add textures to your vector work. Many of these programs are equipped with detailed pattern models, textured brushes, even with “Trace to do”, which, as the name suggests, track raster images and convert them into vector graphics.

Repeating and considering there is no confusion, here’s a list with programs that are usually considered raster-based: Photoshop, Painter, MS Paint and a great no-charge option, Gimp. Basically, the whole thing made with this program is considered a raster image. Some of these programs are capable of drawing images with spots, lines, and curves, such as those done by vector programs.

The same Photoshop can draw images according to Vector, but rather, they are generally considered “Vexel ” because Vexel art workers generally include brush strokes on their images (for hair, etc.).

Dialogue about brushes. Just the reason you’ve downloaded and installed a set of brushes for Photoshop (or any other raster drawing program) that has the word “vector ” in the title, that DOESN’T mean that your profession IS vectorial. These brushes are available in a variety of sizes, and what resolution you apply, brushes such things can never be increased above 100% of their size without loss of quality.

In short, Vector is not a style like Anime, but it’s a medium like charcoal. Ask what kind of vector art it is like asking what oil painting it is like. It may resemble Rembrandt, Picasso, or painted with a fifth-class heart-finger.

Introduction to Vector Images

Vector graphics are techniques used in PC graphics to describe an image. The image depicted with a vector graph is called a vector image. In vector graphics, images are depicted by a set of geometric primitives that determine points, lines, curves, and polygons where colors and shadows can be determined. For example when you see agen Sbobet Indonesia the vector images is very neatly which is make you comfortable to play judi online. this is not too similar from a raster graph, described as a pixel box with the right color.


The main advantages derived from vector graphics are:

  • The ability to express knowledge with steps that are immediately able to be understood by humans (eg SVG standards)
  • The ability to express knowledge in a format that uses less space.
  • The ability to make large images arbitrarily, without affecting the resolution.

This graphical info description system includes having the undeniable advantage that comes from greater knowledge compression: in practice, vector images can occupy fewer areas than the corresponding raster. This includes lighter to manage and change. For this reason, vector images are suitable for managing large amounts of data, like cartography which is mostly given in vector mode.

Picture quality

When vector images are displayed on devices with a higher resolution, they cannot lose their definition. A line that crosses transversely, unless the screen is represented by a filtered graph, stored as a series of color pixels arranged to form a line. If we try to expand parts of the line, we can see each pixel that forms a line. If a similar line is stored in vector mode, it can be stored as an equation so that it comes from a point, identified with the initial coordinates and ends with another point determined by the final coordinate.

Extending parts from these lines does not produce visual artifacts or display individual pixels that make up the image, because these lines can always be displayed against the highest resolution permitted by the monitor. For example, unless you confiscate a 2×24 pixel vector image and increase the resolution to 1024×768 pixels, the definition of the resulting image cannot change. As a result, vector images are always of high quality.


Vector graphics are already widely used in the fields of publishing, architecture, engineering and computer graphics. All three-dimensional graphics programs save work by interpreting objects as primitive mathematical aggregates. On a personal PC, the most conscious use is the definition of the source. Almost all sources used by special PCs are created in vector mode, which is very possible for users to change the font size without losing the definition. Therefore, we are able to see that vector images have a variety of applications and are too useful because they take up less space.

What Is Vector Artwork?

Are you trying to win a product for your company such as a name badge or business card? Does the vendor you ordered ask for your artwork in “vector form”? If you are not a graphic designer, you may not know exactly what that means. Here is a little info that can help you.

At first you might not be able to distinguish between flat vectors and bitmap images, other than for file types. File extensions for standard bitmap images will be something like jpg, tiff, giff, or bmp. Vector images will have file extensions such as eps, ai, or cdr. This file is created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and you will need one of these programs to consider the type of artwork on your computer. When applying one of these programs to pay attention to vector images, you can easily understand and standard bitmaps or jpg images.

When opening jpg images in a professional senior program as described above, you will notice the edges of the senior work are jagged and the intrinsic boundaries consist of squares. In professional art programs, outlines are curved and smooth vector objects, without these boxes. This is why people might refer to senior vectors as “revisions to curves” or “updates to outlines”. The profit from having fine lines and curved lines is vector objects can be scaled and maintain high proportions and quality when going up or down to place them on name badges or business card templates to add. Other advantages of vector images according to color really match the Pantone colors that match your company logo.

More ideal, vector objects are also not flat images. However, the bitmap is a flat image and cannot be changed or manipulated by what method is the opposite. If your logo has a white box on the back like most flat pictures, the glue and white logo cannot be taken or produced transparently to create a background color. For example, if you put your name or business card has a black background and you will put your oval logo in the upper right corner, the right zone of the logo “transparent \\” or the white box around the oval logo will appear white on the black background when applying jpg images. So your black badge or business card will then have a white box in the corner, approved free of having your oval logo painted in the color of your company on a black background. Having vector artwork has different components or logos to change. You can change the size or thickness of the line, adjust the color and also remove unexpected logos like the white box around it. The components of the logo can also be made transparent, every color in the background can also be seen.

A really ordinary question asked about vector artwork, “Am I asking for the jpg I have received in a program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and putting it as an eps file?”. The answer is clear NO. Putting bitmaps in file types such as eps or ai will not be finished as a layered vector file. It will only embed the bitmap in the file. Some professional programs have a way to track bitmap images into vector images, can be translated into English which can be done by navigating these types of programs and senior files. Instead, buying this type of program if you haven’t been able to buy is really expensive.

One of your alternatives is to insert a bitmap into a vector file if your company does not have its own design team that is professionally equipped by a graphic designer. Of course, maybe there will be a little tariff to re-create your logo, so the benefits are the results, the logo belongs to you. You may need a different printing or branding business scheme that you need for future vector artwork, so being able to spend extra money to buy a quality logo might require investment in a long span. Therefore, because you will not have a professional art program to pay attention to a new logo, you can always ask the graphic designer to access vector files to jpg or pdf which you can easily see on any computer. Reassessment services are really often offered by vendors who design your name badge or business card and spend a lot more time saving the cost of applying a graphic design company or buying an art program and sending out shipping to buy and create your own logo.