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VectorSection is an open source vector graphics converter and storage mechanism. It is a toolset for manipulating data from 2D and 3D CAD and graphics formats via common intermediate data schemas.

VectorSection is being built in stages. The goal is to be able to convert between and access most vector graphic file formats such as dxf, dwg, dgn, svg, pdf, ps, jpg, png, ogr, ifc.


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5 Famous Vector Artists and Their Outstanding Portfolios

Vectors are a powerful technique for creating beautiful digital artwork and graphics and it’s no wonder why tools like Adobe Illustrator are preferred among many professional artists.

There are very talented and extremely talented well known vector artists with amazing portfolios at http://sbobetcasino.id/ and we’ll cover some of them just for you.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or you simply appreciate art, that stunning portfolio is sure to give you the inspiration you need.

So let’s get started.

Here is the 5 Famous Vector Artist:

1. Yukio Miyamoto

We can’t even begin to talk about vector artists without mentioning the gradient mesh tool master Yukio Miyamoto.

With high precision and attention to detail, it creates an image so realistic you feel you can touch it through your monitor.

Looking at Miyamoto’s artwork, one could mistake it for something created in a 3D program without realizing it was a 2D illusion.

In fact, the artist has only used Adobe Illustrator for his project since the program was created.

Yukio Miyamoto

2. Tom Whalen

An accomplished designer and illustrator with an impressive portfolio, Tom Whalen has had a passion for comic books and poster art from childhood.

His love for Marvel and the DC Universe inspired him to combine words, designs and images into one cohesive unit.

This artist believes that studying various disciplines from fine arts and design to sculpture can increase one’s creativity in various media.

However, its most preferred platform is vector because of its flexibility in easy workflows and editing.

Tom Whalen also shared that he likes the simple technique of setting the gradient to multiply mode as they add more life to the image.

Tom Whalen

3. Seb Nirak 1

Sebastien Feraut, better known as NIARK1 is a French freelance artist, illustrator and designer.

She has numerous exhibitions and publications since 2010 and has worked for many international clients in the fields of advertising, fashion and street wear.

Whether she creates her art on paper using pencil and acrylic, or digitally via Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, her images always carry a haunting distinctive atmosphere.

Feraut’s style is a unique blend of cartoon and dark fantasy built from dark shadows, simple shapes and limitless imagination.

Seb Nirak1

4. Sam Werczler

Samuel Werczler is a renowned art designer and illustrator from Brazil.

A graduate of Fine in Sao Paulo and Advertising and Marketing in New York, he combined his artistic skills with his knowledge of advertising to a point of perfection.

The designs are lively, often surreal and always eye-catching and unique with the flow.

This artist has also worked on many films and short film projects as a concept designer.

Sam Werczler

5. Matthew Skiff

Famous vector artist Matthew Skiff lists “drawing stupid things” as his main personal interest, which probably means only two things – he draws awesome things and has fun doing it.

Her artwork is influenced by the nostalgia of ’80s pop culture and that’s easy to see by the bright neon colors and the really bad characters.

Skiff creates illustrations for band designs and t-shirts in vector regularly and looks stunning.

She believes that the best thing about being an illustrator is the freedom and the skill to bring to life the craziest and craziest ideas.

What else would you expect from a gifted 80s kid raised by the greatest cartoons, horror films and music of all time?

Matthew Skiff

Vector programs can indeed be powerful tools in digital art.

Ultimately, nothing stands between the artist and the artboard empty except for their own imagination and inspiration.

Fortunately, this also applies to everything you do in your everyday life – nothing can stop you from achieving extraordinary results if you put your heart and imagination into the task. You just need to choose the right tool.

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